Hey lovlelies, it's me! Lauren, from Jeff and Lauren in the morning with my 9 reasons why you should sign up and take part in Celebrate Aberdeen... go on, have a wee lookie!

Celebrate Aberdeen is a group of friends who have come together as volunteers to shine the light on the best people and organisations that Aberdeen has to offer. 

We want you to join our friendship and join us in celebrating everything that is fantastic about our city and of course, you.

Fancy it? 

There are so many reasons why you should get involved but we cut it down to 9 important points.

1. It is really fun and you will have a laugh

2. Its your chance to be part of the biggest parade in Aberdeen

3. You get to celebrate being part of a fantastic city

4. Celebrates the amazing third sector we have here in the North-east

5. You'll be flying your flag for your city

6. You'll get your step count up... (walking all that way down Union Street ha ha!)

7. Your charity or organisation will be seen by thousands

8. You'll make friends for life

9. ...and the best thing? IT IS FREE!!!!

So now, you're asking...

WHERE DO I SIGN UP?! Charities, third-sector and voluntary organisations...

Pop your details in here and a member of the team will be in touch!

Lauren x

Lauren Mitchell is a volunteer with Celebrate Aberdeen and host of the breakfast show on Northsound 1.